2015 Sigma Chi Derby Days

If you have any questions about the events or points system please contact Ethan Fernandes (efernandes197@gmail.com) or Will Gilles (willgilles11@gmail.com)


1. T-shirt sale competition:   

  • Sororities will receive points based on the percent of their active chapter that purchase shirts (See table below for scoring breakdown). After your new members get initiated, we will have another order for t-shirts they can buy that count towards your total as well.

  • Only long and short sleeve shirts count, not fanny packs or hats  

  • Only sorority named shirts will count meaning friends and family who buy “Cincinnati” shirts will not count toward the %. 

Percentage -  Points Awarded

75+%             -        70

60%              -         50

50%              -         40

40%             -          25


2. The “Generation to End Cancer 5k” and Opening Ceremonies** (large event)

  • Sororities will receive points based on the percentage of active members that register to run/walk in the 5k.

  • Opening ceremonies start 9am at Sigma Chi and the 5k will start at 10am at Sigma Sigma Commons on Sunday October 4th.

  • BONUS: the sorority that has the most parents/family/friends (that are not a member of your sorority) that sign up for the 5k will receive 15 points.

Percentage -  Points Awarded

40+%             -        70

30%              -         50

20%              -         40

10%             -          25


3. Quest for the Derby    

  • Hats will be hidden on campus and clues to find them will be sent out at 6am via Sigma Chi Twitter (@CincySigmaChi), Facebook Page (Sigma Chi Cincinnati Derby Days), and texted to your sorority’s Derby Delegates. The quests will happen on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday morning of Derby Days week.

  • The sorority who found the hat on Monday is also eligible to win on Wednesday and Thursday.

  • The sorority that finds the hat first will get to keep it.

  • If you are the first sorority to the hat, take a picture with the hat and tweet it @CincySigmaChi

  • The first sorority to find the hat first will win their chapter 15 points.


4. The DerbyChallenge.org Online Donation Sign-up** (large event)

  • Sororities will receive points based on the percentage of active members that join your sorority’s team on the Derby Challenge Website. (see table below)

  • The sorority with the most money raised on the Derby Challenge website by Sunday October 11th, will receive 85 points, 2nd place 70 points, 3rd place 55 points.

Percentage -  Points Awarded

75+%             -        35

65%              -         25

55%              -         20

40%             -          10


5. Snap-A-Sig Competition

  • The winning sorority will be the one that takes the most selfies with Sigma Chi’s on campus. This event will run from Sunday October 4th to Tuesday the 6th at 7pm.

  • The pictures will be submitted via snapchat, the account that all girls will need to send the selfies to is: uc_derbydays. Girls should also put the picture as their snapchat story.

  • If pictures are taken with a Sigma Chi pledge holding his Norman Shield (blue pledge book they will be carrying around), the sorority will receive double the points for the picture.

  • In the text of the snapchat say, “Your sorority name #snapasig”. Example: “Theta Phi #Snapasig”

  • Selfies with active brothers are worth 1 point, selfies with pledges are worth 2 points

  • 5 points will be given to the sorority of the girl that has the most creative picture of that day. We will also tweet this picture out on our @CincySigmaChi twitter.  

  • Sorority that has the most points from these pictures will receive 1st place: 20 points, 2nd place: 15 points,  and 3rd place: 10 points  


6. Date Auction 2015** (large event)

  • 10-15 Sigma Chi brothers will be auctioned off to the sororities.

  • It will be very similar to last year’s Date Auction but with a few new twists.

  • Bring as many sorority members as possible and be ready to buy some Sigma Chis.

  • Your sorority will get points based on the money raised in the table below:

Money Raised       -  Points Awarded

$1,500+                     -         80

$1,000-$1,499           -         65

$750-$999                -         50

$500-$749               -        40 

$240-449                 -       25 


7. Pie a Chi

  • If the president from your sorority shows up to get pied, your sorority will receive 5 points.

  • If one of your sorority’s Sigma Chi coaches (head or assistant) come to get pied, your sorority will receive  5 points. This is limited to one time, no extra points for multiple coaches.

  • There will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place points for the sororities that pie the most Sigma Chi’s.

  • 1st: 15 points, 2nd: 10 points, 3rd: 5 points

  • Event will be in McMicken Commons/Main Street on Wednesday 10/7 from 11-2pm.

8. Steal the Hat

  • Head coaches and some assistant coaches for each sorority will wear a colored baseball hat with their sorority’s assigned color. Girls from all the other sororities will try to steal the hat off of that coaches head if they see it on campus. We will assign colors for each sorority’s hat and you will try to steal every one you see that is not your color.

  • Event will take place from Monday through Wednesday of derby days week.

  • RULES:

    • Hats can only be stolen on campus

    • Hats can NOT be stolen inside of a classroom

    • Inside of buildings on campus is off limits  

    • If you steal another sororities hat, take a picture of you holding that hat and send a snapchat to uc_derbydays, and make it your story, saying “*Your sorority name* stole a hat”. Example: “Chi-O stole a hat”

    • These snapchats, and the snap-a-sig snapchats, are both eligible to win the “most creative snapchat” point award each day. A winner will be picked and will receive 5 points.

    • Return the hat to the coach after taking the picture.

  • The sorority that steals the most hats at the end of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will receive 10 points each day. The game restarts every morning.

9. Chipotle Fundraiser

  • 7-9pm on Friday October 9th.

  • Chipotle on West Clifton Ave.

  • Sororities will receive points for however many girls come to buy chipotle

  • Great for after Happy Hour on Friday

  • Points will be received based on the percentage of girls from your sorority buy chipotle

Percentage -  Points Awarded

40+%             -        35

30%              -         25

20%              -         20

10%             -          15