Jacob Behringer, 5th year

Jacob Behringer, 5th year

Name: Jacob Michael Behringer
Year & Major: Senior; Finance and Economics
Hometown: Defiance, Ohio

Leadership within Sigma Chi: Vice-President (Pro-Consul), 2x Treasurer (Quaestor), Fundraising Chair, Assistant Magister

Campus Leadership/Professional Experience: 
Kolodzik Business Scholar, Student Advisory Committee on the University Budget (President), Senior Portfolio Manager of Johnson Investment Counsel Student Fund, Director of Education in Lindner Investment Banking Club, and Club Golf.

Honors/Awards: Sigma Sigma Honorary (top 1% of campus leadership), Phi Rho Chi Honorary, and Order of Omega Honorary.

Why I chose Sigma Chi? I came to Cincinnati from a small town 3 hours north of UC. I knew two people in the city when I moved into Siddall, so naturally I was looking for people to get to know. As I began to meet individuals on campus via exploring different organizations I began to notice a similarity: every man that I met that was associated with Sigma Chi was extremely helpful and genuine. Through the recruitment process and initial weeks of my fall semester I began to see that Sigma Chi was much more than a friendship or a group of guys - there was something special there. There was the "brotherhood" aspect that, little did I know at the time, I knew hardly anything about. I was fortunate enough to receive a bid, which is later accepted. I can now say with conviction that this decision was, and still is, one of the most important decisions I have made in my life thus far.

Jeremy Fernandes, 5th year

Jeremy Fernandes, 5th year

Name: Jeremy William Fernandes
Year & Major: Senior; Finance and Economics. 
Hometown: Columbus, OH
Leadership Within Sigma Chi: President (Consul), New Member Educator (Magister), Recruitment Chair, Assistant Treasurer (Quaestor).

Campus Leadership/Professional Experience: UC Men's Club Soccer (President), Kolodzik Business Scholars (Former President), SACUB, AFP, Peer Financial Coaches, and PACE Leader, Professional Experience: Proctor & Gamble (Assistant Brand Manager), GE Aviation, Journeyman LLC, The Business Backer, and Piada Italian Street Food.

Honors/Awards: Marvin P. Kolodzik Business Scholar; Marianne Lewis Scholar of Excellence (top junior in the program), Cincinnatus Scholar, Sigma Sigma Men's Honorary (top 1% of campus leadership), Phi Rho Chi Men's Honorary, Order of Omega Honorary, Omicron Delta Kappa Honorary.

Why'd you'd pick Sigma Chi? Sigma Chi changed my college career as it was a group of guys that I could relate to but that were looking to push me to reach my full potential. I chose Sigma Chi because it challenged me to focus on growth in all areas in life and learn life-long skills I will hold the rest of my life. The fraternity tailored it's experience around my circumstances and helped me take full advantage of my college experience..

Nick Shryock, 4th year

Nick Shryock, 4th year

Name: Nicholas Robert Shryock
Year & Major: Senior; Biomedical Engineering.
Hometown: Sunbury, Ohio.
Leadership Within Sigma Chi: Social Chair, Brother at Large, Haiti Chair. 
Campus/Professional Experience: Combined year long experience at 2 Johnson and Johnson entities through 4 co-op rotations in engineering related positions. 

Why'd you'd pick Sigma Chi? I chose Sigma Chi because I wanted to deepen my roots on campus and be involved in something that was more than myself. Sigma Chi has an unmatched brotherhood that is what ultimately made me want to join. 


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