Jacob Behringer, 5th year

Jacob Behringer, 5th year

Name: Jacob Michael Behringer
Year & Major: Senior; Finance and Economics
Hometown: Defiance, Ohio

Leadership within Sigma Chi: Vice-President (Pro-Consul), 2x Treasurer (Quaestor), Fundraising Chair, Assistant Magister

Campus Leadership/Professional Experience: 
Kolodzik Business Scholar, Student Advisory Committee on the University Budget (President), Senior Portfolio Manager of Johnson Investment Counsel Student Fund, Director of Education in Lindner Investment Banking Club, and Club Golf.

Honors/Awards: Sigma Sigma Honorary (top 1% of campus leadership), Phi Rho Chi Honorary, and Order of Omega Honorary.

Why I chose Sigma Chi? I came to Cincinnati from a small town 3 hours north of UC. I knew two people in the city when I moved into Siddall, so naturally I was looking for people to get to know. As I began to meet individuals on campus via exploring different organizations I began to notice a similarity: every man that I met that was associated with Sigma Chi was extremely helpful and genuine. Through the recruitment process and initial weeks of my fall semester I began to see that Sigma Chi was much more than a friendship or a group of guys - there was something special there. There was the "brotherhood" aspect that, little did I know at the time, I knew hardly anything about. I was fortunate enough to receive a bid, which is later accepted. I can now say with conviction that this decision was, and still is, one of the most important decisions I have made in my life thus far.

Ethan Fernandes, 5th year

Ethan Fernandes, 5th year

Name: Ethan Felix Fernandez
Year & Major: Senior; Finance and Operations Management. 
Hometown: Columbus, OH
Leadership Within Sigma Chi: Vice-President (Pro-Consul), Derby Days Chair, Recruitment Chair, Assistant Pledge Educator (Assistant Magister)

Campus Leadership/Professional Experience: Lead Founder of Ignite, Vice-Chair of Student Advisory Committee on University Budget, Treasurer of Association of Fundraising Professionals, PACE Leader, Student Representative of Judicial Affairs, College of Business Ambassador, Business Fellows, Campus Promotions Team Leader for Crossroads Church.

Honors/Awards: Circle of Excellence, Sigma Sigma Men's Honorary (top 1% of campus leadership), Phi Rho Chi Men's Honorary, Carl H. Lindner Scholar

Why'd you'd pick Sigma Chi? Coming to college I wanted to surround myself with driven people that has a balance in having a good time. Greek life was completely new to me and after talking to a couple older students who later became mentors to me I quickly realized you can grow a lot personally throughout greek life and also have a good time. The men of Sigma Chi showed me that in the first couple of weeks in college and after being the alumni in the area I quickly realized this was a strong commitment and well supported chapter. It was the Work Hard, Play Hard balance I was looking for


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Recruitment Chair
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Derby Days Chair
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Campus Relations
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House Manager
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Social Chair
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Brother At Large
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 Athletic Director
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