Fall Semester Rush Week 2019

Sunday (8/8) - Bengals Watch Party                   Location: Sigma Chi House - Time: 4:00 PM

Monday (8/9) - Basketball Tournament                Location: Sigma Chi House - Time: 6:00 PM

Tuesday (8/10) - Steak Fry (Business Casual             Location: Meet at Sigma Chi - Time: 5:00 PM

Wednesday (8/11) - Cards & Cigars                 Location: Sigma Chi House - Time: 6:00 PM

Thursday (8/12) - Game Night                            Location: Sigma Chi House - Time: 6:00 PM

Friday (8/13) - Formal Dinner (Invite Only) Location: Sigma Chi House - Time: 6:00 PM

Meet at the Sigma Chi House (2617 University Court) 15 minutes prior to each event. 


Ben Cummins (513-432-4689 or ben.j.cummins32@gmail.com)

Calvin Catania (216-262-1760 or calvincatania98@gmail.com) 


1. Brotherhood 
Imagine having seventy or more close friends. Friends and brothers that you can confide in when times are bad, and share a good laugh with when times are good. Friends and brothers that will be with you and there for you throughout your entire college experience and your life beyond. That is brotherhood.

2. Personal Growth 
Looking back on your life, you may be able to see your experiences as times that shaped you into the person you are today. John Wayne, a famous film actor and Sigma Chi brother, once said, “Men join Fraternities, Leaders of Men join Sigma Chi.” Being around inspired and driven men inspires you to take action and strive for something bigger in your own lives. The camaraderie and brotherhood of Sigma Chi allows you to bring out the best of your own personality, while encouraging others to do the same.

3. Social Experience 
The social experience of being in a Fraternity is unparalleled in college life. Whether it is simply going on a road trip with your brothers or going to a social with more than a hundred gorgeous girls, the experiences and good times you will have as a brother may just be the best of your life.

4. Giving Back
Not only is Sigma Chi a social organization but it is also a philanthropic organization. In the 2015-2016 school year, the Zeta Psi Chapter alone donated more than $36,000 and hundreds of hours worth of work to various charities such as the Huntsman Cancer Institute and Haiti. Being a part of Sigma Chi, will not only give you the opportunity to do something meaningful in our community, but also to give you the leadership skills and organizational ability to organize events that can really make a difference in people’s lives.

5. Scholarship 
With a minimum G.P.A. requirement of 2.7, and countless benefits for those students who go above and beyond, Sigma Chi is a great organization to be a part of if you like to be around motivated and hard working individuals. Each year scholarships of different sizes are given out, and exceptional students are recognized for their hard work in the Sigma Chi Community.

 6. Recreation and Sports
Intramurals stars, extracurriculars participants, and even Division I athletes have called themselves brothers in Zeta Psi Chapter at UC. All of our brothers are encouraged to get involved in whatever interests them, and being a part of a winning team is always a good time.

7. Networking 
Sigma chi has 233 different chapters in all parts of the United States and Canada, more than 15,000 undergraduates, 223,000 living alumni, and over 300,000 lifetime brothers, brotherhood can be found anywhere. Although that may sound overwhelming, the friends and brothers and people that you will meet will be invaluable in college and afterward as you look for a job, or a friendly face in an unfamiliar city.

 8. Diversity
As you will learn, The Sigma Chi Fraternity was founded on the principle that friendship among people with different temperaments, talents and convictions is superior than those with the same temperaments talents and convictions. Unlike many other fraternities, Sigma Chi does not have a stereotype, you will find Sigma Chi’s of all walks of life, each one with different interests and opinions.

 9. Higher Standard
On of the most important parts of being a Sigma Chi is holding yourself to a higher standard, with everything you do, you are not only representing yourself, but also your chapter and the fraternity in its entirety. People will look up to you and holding yourself to that higher standard will not only drive you to be a better person, but a more satisfied and respected individual.

 10. Being a Part of Something Big
When you have seventy brothers everything you do is going to be big. When you are helping out with a philanthropy it is a lot more fun when the seventy people you’re closest to are right there with you. When throwing a social event, more people means a much bigger event. When Sigma Chi decides to do something, we do it big.





1. Who makes up Sigma Chi?
Sigs come from all walks of life. Our fraternity is composed of a diverse group of individuals who possess different temperaments, talents and convictions. The bond that binds members of Sigma Chi together is one of true brotherhood. We're very proud to be a fraternity that does not make members fit any sort of mold; rather, the road towards brotherhood is one of becoming closer to who you truly are, and that is the essence of Sigma Chi. We have over 300,000 members, 233 active undergraduate chapters, and 126 alumni chapters throughout the United States and Canada, making us the largest and one of the strongest fraternities in the world. You may know some of our brothers already, but not even know it -- John Wayne, Brad Pitt, David Letterman, Mike Ditka, and Merlin Olsen are all Sigs, among other famous alumni. Though we are proud of all our brothers, the ones most important to you are those who are already in your life. Several of our brothers have reconnected with family members or old friends when they found out that they, too, were a Sig. Even complete strangers have approached us, noticing our Sigma Chi apparel in an airport or a strange city, and offered a friendly greeting and hospitality. These moments are some of the greatest parts of being a Sig.


2. What is Zeta Psi?
Zeta Psi is the University of Cincinnati chapter of Sigma Chi. Each Sigma Chi chapter has their own greek letter designation. For example, the first chapter is the Alpha chapter. Zeta Psi is one of Sigma Chi's oldest and strongest chapters.

3. Can only freshmen join a fraternity? 
No. The Greek system is non-discriminatory and will accept members of all ages. As long as the member is an enrolled student at the university, they are eligible to join. Often times transfer students will join after their freshman year. A fraternity is a lifelong commitment and age is not a factor.

4. What is Sigma Chi’s hazing policy? 
Pledging is one of the most challenging and rewarding things you'll experience, but rest assured, you will never be hazed. Sigma Chi feels that hazing is not only immoral, but is completely contradictory to what we are trying to accomplish. Hazing never has, and never will help build the bonds of Brotherhood. Pledges are treated with respect and brothers will always be willing to help with the challenges that pledges face. As a pledge, you will always be in good hands. We will never ask anything of you that we would not do ourselves.

 5. Is Sigma Chi similar to the stereotype of Animal House?

  • "When you play, play hard; when you work, don't play at all." --Theodore Roosevelt

Sigma Chi’s have plenty of fun. You probably know this by now. We're also very focused on further developing the bonds of our brotherhood, and all of us understand that schoolwork comes first-- we're in college for a reason, right? Our brothers always have our priorities in check. We give back to the community every semester by donating to organizations like the Children's Miracle Network and the Huntsman Cancer Research Institute. We take service seriously, and we make sure that a good time is had when doing these events, be it raising money through Derby Days, or tutoring children in a nearby school.

 6. How much time will a fraternity take up? What if I have a lot of classroom hours?
One of the most difficult challenges freshman face is time management. College is much different from the prescribed schedule students were used to in high school, leaving lots of free time to waste, especially if they are not involved in any extra-curricular activities. Having a structured schedule is conducive to productivity. There is no given amount of time commitment most fraternities will require beyond what is required of every member for service/philanthropy events. Social events too, are never required events.

  7. Are you just paying for your friends?
First of all, the dues that we pay do not go to individuals in the chapter. Dues are used to pay for social events, insurance, and other chapter operating costs. The money also goes to fraternity headquarters to ensure that the entire organization continues act as a strong, cohesive unit. Also, you can still obviously be friends with all of us without being a Sig, so the question doesn't hold much water.

8. What kind of commitment is pledge? Being a brother? 
Being a Sigma Chi does not end once you leave the university; once you are a Sigma Chi, you always will be a Sigma Chi. The commitment is lifelong. Pledging will take time, but it is well worth it. Some of the greatest learning experiences of your college years will be outside of the classroom, many of those occurring during pledging, and as a brother. We understand that taking part in any activity is purely the decision of the individual. Some are able to participate more than others, and several members hold office within the fraternity. As a Sigma Chi pledge, you will certainly be making a significant commitment, but not a minute will be ill-spent. Pledges will only be asked to do things that have purpose and meaning. 

Being an officer is an excellent opportunity to learn leadership skills one could never develop in the classroom. Working on projects both on campus and in the community, engaging in great social activities, competing in sports, and taking part in a great organization are all important parts of being a brother in Sigma Chi. The time we spend participating in constructive activities for University of Cincinnati, its students, the community, and our own chapter is equivalent to time otherwise spent doing relatively nothing. It's all about seizing the day.